The web is littered with sites about anime, as well as sites both for and against feminism.  It’s not an easy task to sort through all the information (and misinformation) out there!

Here are the sites that I visit regularly and trust.  Of course, no site is perfect!  But this is where I get my info from, and I will try to cite my sources in each post.

Anime Information Sites:

Anime News Network



Streaming Anime Videos  aka Watch Anime Online (legally) for Free:


Hulu (also streams tons of other videos – link is to their anime section)

Funimation’s video portal

The Anime Network

Feminism Information Sites:

Feminism 101 blog (Their FAQ is a great place to start learning about feminism)

Melissa McEwan’s Feminism 101 Roundup (Basic feminist issues as explored by Shakesville contributors)

Feminism and Women’s Studies (A look at Women’s Studies as an academic field)

On Our Terms (The Feminist Lexicon)

Feminist Blogs:


The F Word (United Kingdom based)

Feminist Essays:

Yes, You Are (Great essay on using the “F” word – who is a feminist?)

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