I’ve moved!

Hello everyone! I’ve moved over to my own domain, so please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds to:


The new site is up, but isn’t 100% finished or polished. I’m not sure I’ll stick with the design; I like its simplicity, but is it too simple? I haven’t finished going through to make sure all entries are there yet, and I will have to transfer a couple of comments manually which will make it seem as if I’m talking to myself. My bad!

If you come across any bugs or errors, please let me know! I may not be able to fix them, but I sure do appreciate the heads-up.

2 Responses to I’ve moved!

  1. ojisan says:

    From my computer (Mac OSX10.5.8, Firefox 4.01), I see a shiny new blog, no old entries, all archives at left lead to empty pages. Intentional?

    Wait – I see, went to the link – nice new demesne!

  2. Justin says:

    Oh noes! Another one ditches wordpress. Sorta. Well either way, MOAR WORK! I have to change my feed you jerk!

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